Residential Living Room, Wakefield

Residential Living Room, Wakefield

This stunning brick slip case study gives FabSlip a brilliant showcase of just how wonderfully unique and versatile we can be and how they transform a living room.

We were very lucky to be involved in this unique project. The customer originally wanted us to match a style he liked from a photo but with there being so many different colours and textures it that photo it was a tough requirement and difficult to match. 

In the end we invited them over to our warehouse and we put them a blend together which in our opinion tops anything they sent over.  

Realistic and convincing our brick tile blend was the perfect choice. Using a mix of Mystique and Pagus grey brick slips in a stretcher bond pattern really transforms the room.

Accessorising brickwork is always fun and our customer has managed to do just that by incorporating a wonderful retro Great Britain clock along with a tint of colour in the green plant too!