Why brick slips are great

Why brick slips are great
From our two centrally located factories in Yorkshire Fab Slip have been supplying brick slips to building companies, architects, and private customers for more than 10 years.

m feature walls, to brickwork in shops, offices or pubs, the use of brick slips is a growing trend in the UK. But Brick Slips are not just for commercial projects, the latest trend have people bringing brick tiles into their homes. 
For those not familiar with brick slips, these are ‘thin’ bricks that are tiled onto a wall to give an authentic façade of a fully bricked wall.

​They’re perfect when the age of the building doesn’t go hand in hand with the your choice of style. Cladding a fireplace can create a focal point or adding a country look into your kitchen is proving even more popular.

If someone wants a more traditional look brick slips can transform an old bathroom into a stylish urban one. What’s more, one of the biggest benefits of brick slips is their slim design, meaning they take up less room than traditional bricks.