Commercial Bistro Renovation, Wilshaw

Just like our residential customers we love our commercial projects, and here we are pleased to showcase the new Bistro in Wilshaw, Scotland. the bistro can seat up to 40 diners.

For this project our Belfry brick slips were ordered to give the restaurant some added character. 

The minimalist look of our Belfry brick tiles help to achieve a modern feel that flows throughout the design of the whole restaurant.


Natural timber tables and furniture contrast against the light pastel coloured walls. The Belfry brick slip texture is not too heavy but yet has just enough undulation on the surface to allow the lights to permeate the surface which works as a subtle yet contemporary backdrop to the Bistro's overall ethos.

The use of our brick tiles within this diner has added a truly realistic and earthy feel. Of course brick work can look amazing internally when given the chance to shine.