Residential Garden, Manchester

Whenever a sloped landscape is turned into flat terraced areas, three main things are required. 1) lots of earth moving, 2) retaining walls to keep the ground at the high level where it is supposed to be. and 3) brick slips to make the retaining walls eye catching!

The brief was to create more usable space that all family members could enjoy. They were also keen to incorporate a contemporary look. With the main terraced area all but completed our customer wanted to add the finishing touches with brick tiles.

The homeowners were not big fans of the blockwork which was the first thing visitors noticed when walking into the garden and wanted to refresh the kerb appeal. The Bevern Dark brick slips were chosen as they offered a modern alternative with a traditional handmade brick finish which was similar in colour to their furniture. 

Whether you want to sit with a beer enjoying your new found tranquillity or unwind reading a book, this exterior offers a warm and relaxing environment to enjoy a family BBQ or sing late into the night with friends.