Residential Kitchen, Alfreton

Functionality, stylish. warm and inviting were some of the buzz words used when this project was planned out. With the kitchen already in place it's subtle little things like adding brick tiles that really enhances this kitchen. 

Not only added value to the property but it has created a stylish and modern space to live in.

From the images you can see the passion and creativity that poured into this design. The additional of a single warm brick slip feature wall is inspired and adds a significant amount of personality to this room.

After all, the kitchen is a space that most of us spend the majority of our time in, so it’s important that it's also aesthetically pleasing.

Our Beaconsfield brick slips have done an amazing job in helping to achieve that.

These products are not just popular in kitchens and residential properties. Commercial installations constantly benefit from using our products to dramatic effect.