Residential Kitchen, Chesterfield

You might think that bricks are only best for traditional, country kitchens. However, even if you have a modern kitchen, you can bring in the brick slip cladding with a beautiful feature wall. Kudos to the customer who's vision of this stunning Kitchen came to life. 

The wonderfully designed "Country" kitchen works in well with the rustic exposed brick slip feature wall. The whole space has been created to emit an atmospheric feel which unifies tradition with a modernist feel.

Grey cabinets help add character to this kitchen and serve as a bold contrast to the exposed brick. The contrast with the wooden kitchen worktops is both inspired and striking.

The customer chose the Olde Coachhouse Red Multi due to its rustic and worn appearance, this aesthetic has proven popular over recent years and is a great alternative to standard kitchen tiles.

This is a brilliant example of using a simple one wall feature to accentuate a working space. Our customer has done a great job of combining textures and colours to great effect.