Residential Kitchen / Diner, Essex

With lockdown easing the population was allowed to get back to a new sort of normality. With that normality came urgency with many home owners looking to make a change from the same four walls we had all been stuck looking at for the past two months. 

This customer was no different, after spending numerous hours scrolling through the internet looking for the right inspiration she finally got in touch with FabSlip. 

She had chosen a terrific palette of materials that complement the exposed brick slip feature wall. The whole space has been created to emit an atmospheric feel which unifies tradition with a modernist feel.

Some people assume that internal brick walls are a feature only ever seen in country kitchens. However this isn't true, even with a modern kitchen, you can creatively incorporate brick slip cladding to full effect.

Country Blend was the brick tile choice for this great kitchen. As a brick product it works well with all colour styles and kitchen themes. This particular brick slip is an excellent choice when combining style and functionality.

Renovating a kitchen is an opportunity to inject personality into the home. When designed and installed as good as this project, brick slips in kitchens really do speak volumes.