Residential Refurbishment, Sheffield

The use of influencers and social media has fast become the normal over the last 3-4 years. More and more ideas and projects are now becoming available to the masses with the use of social media and inspiration is the key.

This Sheffield based project was undertaken by "Renovate with the Rileys" on Instagram. Their profile attracts a great audience all of which have one common interest. Improving their homes.

Through their social media the Rileys inspire their followers on how to implement the right goals, strategies and tricks to achieve the same level of success which they themselves have achieved.

This wonderfully modern and luxurious open plan renovation focuses on the use of our Hathaway blend brick slips inside the property. Complimenting a mix of dark and light furnishings. The house is well lit and offers a warm and relaxing environment to also host friends and family.

We have to say this is one of the most inspirational examples of how well brick slips can be used in an open plan space.